Virus: European Histonetters

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From:Jacques Paysan <paysan@Uni-Hohenheim.DE>
To:HistoNet Server <>
Content-Type:text/plain; charset="iso-8859-1"

Dear Histonetters

The mail
Fwd:  European Histonetters
has a great potential of being an email virus.  At least it would be a
"great" idea to distribute viruses via newsgroups.  I strongly encourage
participants of this newsgroup not to open mails consisting of attachments
only, and, to clearly indicate in the text what an attachment contains.
Furthermore, I think mails with attachments should clearly indicate the
sender's address. could be just anybody in the world.

If it really was a serious newsgroup contribution I appologize for this
panic.  I'm not going to open it anyway.


Jacques Paysan, PhD
University of Hohenheim
Institute of Physiology 230
Garbenstrasse 30
D-70593 Stuttgart

Phone: ++49-711-459.22.67
Fax:  ++49-711-459.37.26

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