Update on the CBG Biotech Recycler

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Dear Histonet's
A few month's ago I asked for advice, pro's and con's on the CBG Biotech Recycler one gallon table top unit.
I would like to say that after a few months of trial and error on our part, due to the solution's I was trying to recycle I am very pleased. I am recycling Alcohol and xylene. The Alcohol after recycling is testing to be anywhere from 89%-95% this alcohol is from the automatic stainer and comes out crystal clear. I was having problems with the alcohol I was trying to recycle from our tissue processor but for some reason its our product that is not clearing in the first few stations. I am VERY PLEASED with the service that BioTech support group has 
provided ( Kari and Kim at 1-800-941-9484 )have been very supported helping me troubleshoot problems I have had . Kari and Kim always return my calls. The recycler I feel is great there is no noise, smell, or boiling solvents to deal with. We are a research place and I have worked with other units in hospitals the larger one's that require boiling chips, boiling xylene , and smells. Our unit takes an average of 2.5hrs-3hrs to run an alcohol cycle. I am happy with it and just wanted to share my thoughts with all of you.
Thanks You
Sandi Miller HT  (ASCP)
MRICD Research

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