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I'm trying to start up a lab here in this hospital.  My lab director, a MT, 
wants all of my procedures to be in NCCLS format because our lab is 
inspected through CAP.  This is fine because the school/hospital I was 
trained @ had the same policies.  So I basically followed their procedures, 
same format & all, and made my special stain book.
Well, my lab dir. gave my the NCCLS book and told me that is wasn't in there 
format enough to pass.  She said I need more Quality Control.

Does anyone else out there go by CAP, NCCLS format? If so please contact me, 
if you have any input because this is driving me crazy trying come up with 
something else to put into a procedure.
Stacey Burton
Conway Regional Medical Center
Conway AR
(501) 450-2184
(501) 450-2188
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