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  We are a large hospital which also does histology and cytology work for 3 
other hospitals in the area. Our workload is similiar to yours...we average 
around 20,000 cases total, with about 200-250 blocks per day.  We have 4 
Histotechs and a Supervisor. We have a clerk to accession all specimens and 
keep the gross cutting area clean.  We also process cytology (routine plus 
about 10,000 PAPS a year) and so our rotation is 1 week embedding and 
cutting, 2 weeks cutting, 1 week processing cytology. (Times are staggered 
beginning at 5:30am).  As the supervisor I am responsible for most of the 
IHC stains, but I do have a tech who assists me and performs those stains 
when I am not here.  As far as special stains, we do not have a specific 
rotation.  We all work together and it just works out.

>Subject: workload question
>Date: Thu, 08 Jun 2000 16:04:10 -0400 (EDT)
>All the histonetters that work in a hospital lab setting, I have a question
>about how many techs are employed in relation to your workload.    I work 
>a hospital lab that has approximately 20,000 cases a year. We average about
>70-85 biopsy blocks a day and roughly 180-200 surgical blocks.  We are
>responsible for accessioning specimens, logging the specimens, cleaning up 
>our grossing room after the resident pathologists, processing, embedding,
>cutting, routine staining,manual coverslipping,  special staining and
>automated immuno staining(which we rotate a week at a time 1 person on
>specials, 1 person on immunos), preparing cell blocks,  all filing of 
>and slides, and also packing and mailing out  all consult cases.  We have 5
>general techs and 1 head tech, who is responsible for all ordering and 
>paperwork and also does bench work.    How does this compare to  your
>labs????  Thanks
>Jennifer Macias HT
>Forum Health
>Western Reserve Care System
>Youngstown, Ohio

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