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My god......slave labor is illegal.
Don Hammer, Retired Guy
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> I have about 2000 cases per year, average 40-50 blocks per day (75% are
> small biopsies), we have a very busy GYN clinic.
> I am the only histotech, so I also do all the qc/qa paperwork, supplies,
> etc. I have a cytotech that I work with, so I also cover cyto when
> necessary. We also do a few autopsies, so I am the diener and do the
> shipping of consults and special studies. I get the honor of
> transcriptionist for all the returned consult reports as well. I also do
> grossing of the routine cases, the path does the really complicated ones.
> am the Copath system manager for the Army in Alaska, with links to Brooke
> Army Medical Center in San Antonio. Hope this helps.
> Cheryl Monteverde
> Bassett Army Hospital
> Ft. Wainwright, AK
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> All the histonetters that work in a hospital lab setting, I have a
> about how many techs are employed in relation to your workload.    I work
> a hospital lab that has approximately 20,000 cases a year. We average
> 70-85 biopsy blocks a day and roughly 180-200 surgical blocks.  We are
> responsible for accessioning specimens, logging the specimens, cleaning up
> in
> our grossing room after the resident pathologists, processing, embedding,
> cutting, routine staining,manual coverslipping,  special staining and
> automated immuno staining(which we rotate a week at a time 1 person on
> specials, 1 person on immunos), preparing cell blocks,  all filing of
> and slides, and also packing and mailing out  all consult cases.  We have
> general techs and 1 head tech, who is responsible for all ordering and
> paperwork and also does bench work.    How does this compare to  your
> labs????  Thanks
> Jennifer Macias HT
> Forum Health
> Western Reserve Care System
> Youngstown, Ohio

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