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I too asked a similar question and only received one reply... shame,

We are a hospital lab with 4 FT HT/HTL, 1 FT HT Team Leader for the
Pathology Department (timekeeping, budgeting, managing the department).  We
are growing by leaps and bounds.  We currently do about 16,000 surgicals
(Derm and Surgical cases combined) and 16,000 cytology cases, 300 Hematology
cases.  We probably will have higher numbers since 1st quarter 2000 was up
about 36% over 1st quarter 1999!

We do all accessioning, embedding, cutting, frozen sections, specials,
automated IHC, all cytology preparation, assist with gross, dump tissue,
file blocks & slides, fill specimen bottles and label for OP offices, wash
glassware, post charges, write procedures, ordering supplies and inventory

Mary Bryhan HT (ASCP)
Team Leader - Pathology
Northern Michigan Hospital
Petoskey, Michigan

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> All the histonetters that work in a hospital lab setting, I have a
> about how many techs are employed in relation to your workload.    I work
> a hospital lab that has approximately 20,000 cases a year. We average
> 70-85 biopsy blocks a day and roughly 180-200 surgical blocks.  We are
> responsible for accessioning specimens, logging the specimens, cleaning up
> our grossing room after the resident pathologists, processing, embedding,
> cutting, routine staining,manual coverslipping,  special staining and
> automated immuno staining(which we rotate a week at a time 1 person on
> specials, 1 person on immunos), preparing cell blocks,  all filing of
> and slides, and also packing and mailing out  all consult cases.  We have
> general techs and 1 head tech, who is responsible for all ordering and
> paperwork and also does bench work.    How does this compare to  your
> labs????  Thanks
> Jennifer Macias HT
> Forum Health
> Western Reserve Care System
> Youngstown, Ohio

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