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From:Stan Siarkiewicz <>
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Thanks Judith for the write up on the TBS Shur/Mark pens, couldn't have said
it better myself.

For UK Histonetters TBS UK phone number is 01695 555 581 or Fax 01695 555
518 and we will be delighted to send a sample pen to those in the UK wishing
to try this great product.

Best regards
Stan Siarkiewicz

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From: Judith A. LaDuc <>
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Sent: Thursday, June 01, 2000 4:28 PM
Subject: Re: slide labeling/cassette markers

> We have found that the Shur/Mark pens from Triangle Biomedical Sciences
> the best pens for our lab.  We like them because they last a long time
> compared to the competition.  What is neat about this product is that you
> can buy replacement tips for the pens.  You know how they get blunt and
> hard to write with? Just pull the felt tip out with forceps and add a new
> tip.  This works when they get wet too.  The ink lasts longer because you
> "prime" the pen by pressing the tip against a hard surface 3-4 times.  We
> process our cassettes after writing on them and the ink remains totally
> legible.
> The pen product # is: H-MP-B  (12 per pack)
> The tips product # is: H-MP-RT (lots in a little poly-bag)
> TBS tele #: 919-471-3903 (sorry, couldn't find toll-free)
>        Fax #: 919-477-6799
>        or e-mail at:
> Good Luck!
> Judy  LaDuc, BS HTL(ASCP)
> Histology Supervisor
> Adirondack Medical Center
> Saranac Lake, NY 12983
> Tel: 518-897-4447
> Fax: 518-897-4441

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