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From:Mary Latimer <>
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Dear Michelle   I take it that you have unfixed cryostat sections If i
were you I would try to fix them in 4% Paraformaldehyde try about 30mins
to start with. Dehydrate ,defat in xylene then section down to water,
stain in cresyl( my recipe for this is a 0.1% soln cresylviolet in
5%acetic acid then pHto 3.5 with sodium acetate) for about 2mins then wash
well in water and differenciate in ascending alcohols,clear and mount.If
differenciation is a problem you can use a weak acid alcohol.Hope this
p.s  the pH of stain is fairly critical  

 Mary Latimer
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 University of St-Andrews 
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On Tue, 6 Jun 2000 wrote:

> Hello-
> Does anyone have any suggestions/protocol modifications for performing
> cresol etch violet on unfixed rat brain?
> Thanks-
> Michelle Taurino
> Aventis Pharmaceuticals
> Bioimaging and Molecular Histology
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