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   You can contact Shandon @ 1-800-245-6212 and ask for technical services. They also have an internet: url:  .  I am not familiar with the Cadenza.  We have a DAKO autostainer as well and a Ventana ES.  Hope this helps.  Pat Karlisch
>>> Phyllis Davie <> 06/12 1:43 PM >>>
  Would you mind elaborating please?  I have never had a cadenza, but the 
design appeared intriguing to me.  What didn't you like?  What problems 
did you encounter?  Was there anything you DID like about it?  Currently 
I am using the DAKO Autostainer, which I like quite well.  It has 
flexibility in the programming, and is open with regards to chemistries. =20
The quality of the slides coming off is usually quite high.  My main 
complaint with it is the occasional variability in intensity from one end 
of the slide to the other.   
     I'd appreciate hearing your evaluation of the cadenza.  


Phyllis Davie
PhenoPath Laboratories
Seattle, WA 98121 

>We had a cadenza once...1st chance we had we moved it to the dumpster.
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>> Hello,
>> We are planning a lab consolidation.  We will be moving several pieces if
>> equipment.  One of them is a Shandon Cadenza.  Does anyone know of any
>> special mopving considerations regarding this instrument.  I could  also
>> use  the e-mail address of Shandon's technical dept if anyone has it.
>> Thanks,
>> Jan Mahoney

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