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Hi Russ,

Actually, as I understand, this machine works differently then the one you

It contains a glass plate with a wire mesh screen on it.  It receives
electrical contact from the machine and produces trace amounts of ozone.
(.04 ppm, well under EPA Standards)  This mimics a thunderstorm in outside
air (without the thunder clap)  *grin*   The ozone then oxidizes the
particulate matter in the air.  (bout as much as I know about it)

Don Hammer, Retired Guy
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Sent: Monday, June 12, 2000 2:01 AM
Subject: air "purification"

> Hey Don (Hammer),
> Does that machine work on the same principle that the "purifiers"
> in bars work?  I remember a guy demonstrating an !air cleaner" in
> my rugby club and it contained a cathode ray tube, accross which
> the room air was drawn and static electicity made the particles
> "stick" to the tube.  Every do often, the tube got cleaned.
> Worked well.
> Have you noticed how dirty your TC screen gets? (Well, the glass
> on the front of your tube, actually.)
> Often wondered why they were not in labs.  I note that in the UK,
> internally re-circulating fume-cupboards are  geting a degree of
> H&S approval.  They work partly on electroctatic charging to
> remove particles (and odours).
> Hope you make it to WI.  It will be a poorer meeting without you.
> Russ Allison,
> Dental School
> Cardiff
> Wales

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