Re: Virus: European Histonetters

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From:Don Hammer <>
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Hi Elfi,

I think just the fact that an attachment was on your mail and nothing in the
body, caused the "scare"  I wondered how it went thru as even if I
mistakenly send Rich Text to Histonet, it doesn't allow it to go thru.  It
is my signature line and V card  that causes it to look "funny" to the
Histonet server.  (attachment)

I wonder what causes your e-mail to put your response in an attachment
rather than the response in the body of the e-mail your responding
to...probably some small check box on your set up.  :)   So many things to
learn, eh?  I'm surprised it went thru with an attachment.

Don Hammer, Retired Guy
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Sent: Tuesday, June 13, 2000 5:37 PM
Subject: Re: Virus: European Histonetters

> Dear Jacques;
> Sorry to put you in a panic, but this e-mail was forwarded to the HistoNet
> us in order to clarify an error on behalf of a number of respondents with
> regard to the model and make of the Automated Coverslipper they were
> Seems they confused the Hacker RCM they were using, with Sakura which is
> yet available. We didn't mean to confuse you with the forwarded mail. By
> way, the sender could be verified as HACKERLAB, our e-mail address, which
> believe many HistoNetter are familiar with at this point.
> I don't think you should waste HistoNet time with this, but if you would
> respond directly to our e-mail, I would be curious to know what made you
> think this e-mail was sooooo threatening....
> With best wishes for a speedy recovery from your panic attack,
> Elfi Hacker
> President
> HACKER Instruments & Industries Inc

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