Re: Update on the CBG Biotech Recycler

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From:Terry J Mattoon <>

Hi Sandi and others:

I would just like to say that I just recently came on the Histonet so
hadn't known about your query about recyclers.  I have a recycler from
B/R Instruments that I've had since 
"92" and we love it.  I work at the VA in White River Jct, VT and have
had no problems to speak of.  Our unit has been relatively maintenance
free except for the regular maintenance which our Bio-med Engineer has
been able to take care of.
We also recycle alcohol and Xylene, our alcohol is at 93-95% and our
Xylene is at least as good as fresh.  The only difference is that the
Xylene does not have the same aromatic smell as the fresh.  It doesn't
smell bad just different.  
Our recycler doesn't smell even though it uses boiling chips and does
boil.  It has a fail safe backup of an alarm system if something should
go wrong.  So far, even after all the time and all the uses the only time
the alarm has sounded has been from operator error.  My own stupidity. 
We have had no instances where it has been a hazard.  It even came with a
fire extinguisher mounted in the enclosed cabinet.  We feel so safe that
we often set it up to run before we go home and let it run while we're
We are inspected by CAP,OSHA the local Fire Dept and have passed all
inspections with flying colors.  We even have the unit vented into our
exhaust  hood system .
I can't say that it only takes 3 hours to recycle because we have a much
larger volume.
We recycle 5 gallons of solvent  per week.  Approximately 2.5 gallons of 
Xylene & 2.5 gallons of alcohol per week.  The unit paid for itself in 2
years with the savings we realized from less waste and less solvent
We too are very pleased and when this unit is no longer acceptable for
use we will  seriously consider giving Ann Sanders at B/R Instruments a
call.  I'm sorry I'll have to give you her Phone # tomorrow as I am
writing from my home computer.
It sounds like you don't have a need for a bigger unit but if you ever
do, give me a call:
I'm at:    VA Med Ctr
               215 N. Hartland Rd.
                White River Jct. VT 05001
                (802) 296-5193  and ask for Terry Mattoon, I'd be glad to
And by the way, Thanks for letting me tell you about our recycler.

On Wed, 07 Jun 2000 07:48:24 -0400 (EDT) writes:
> Dear Histonet's
> A few month's ago I asked for advice, pro's and con's on the CBG 
> Biotech Recycler one gallon table top unit.
> I would like to say that after a few months of trial and error on 
> our part, due to the solution's I was trying to recycle I am very 
> pleased. I am recycling Alcohol and xylene. The Alcohol after 
> recycling is testing to be anywhere from 89%-95% this alcohol is 
> from the automatic stainer and comes out crystal clear. I was having 
> problems with the alcohol I was trying to recycle from our tissue 
> processor but for some reason its our product that is not clearing 
> in the first few stations. I am VERY PLEASED with the service that 
> BioTech support group has 
> provided ( Kari and Kim at 1-800-941-9484 )have been very supported 
> helping me troubleshoot problems I have had . Kari and Kim always 
> return my calls. The recycler I feel is great there is no noise, 
> smell, or boiling solvents to deal with. We are a research place and 
> I have worked with other units in hospitals the larger one's that 
> require boiling chips, boiling xylene , and smells. Our unit takes 
> an average of 2.5hrs-3hrs to run an alcohol cycle. I am happy with 
> it and just wanted to share my thoughts with all of you.
> Thanks You
> Sandi Miller HT  (ASCP)
> MRICD Research
> Md

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