Re: Russ, Ian what's the scoop on Path/UK/DX/errors?

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OK - I rise to the bait.

1Where is Cardiff? - the first thing I look for when starting my day, 
is a good, out loud chuckle!  Wish it was in Malta, because the 
second thing to set me up for the day is sunshine.  Thanks for 
providing the first.

2 Indefatigable? - I'm knackered!!!

3 Boston Tea Party.  Thanks for coffee.  You can leave the tea at 
the bottom of the harbour.

4  Overseas locums!  The GMC licence is the obvious problem, as 
you say.  Is there any reason why the CAP and Royal Coll of 
Pathols could not have reciprocal recognition of qualifications?  I 
know, I know, that's far too simplistic for those august bodies, but 
it is a thought.

Perhaps we could drop it into the conversation when we are having 
a chat with one of TB's Ministers.

And you Bob, would be worth more than any three others!

p.s.  Isn't TB caused by AFB and are they not red, spotty and 
wriggly?  (see earlier e-mail for explanation)
Russ Allison, 
Dental School

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