Re: Russ, Ian what's the scoop on Path/UK/DX/errors?

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The indefatigable Russ Allison in Cardiff (that's not in Malta, folks) writes:

>>However, there had been a huge cut-back in histopath training posts some 
years ago and, of course, it is impossible to recruit skills which are not in 
the market place. Ergo, a shortage of pathologists. Ergo, the use of locums.<<

VERY simple! The USA is awash in pathologists. Just because of a little 
shipment of tea we dumped into Boston Harbor in the 1770's, we are not part 
of the Empire, and hence we cannot practice in the U.K. Get them to bend the 
rules to get me a U.K. medical license, and I shall be happy to extend my 
locum tenens travels to London or Cardiff or Retching-Upon-Tweed.

My locum tenens clients check my work pretty carefully, when I can get them 
to, and I haven't pulled a really bad boo-boo yet, though I keep trying to.

Bob Richmond
Samurai Pathologist
Knoxville TN
(not a single Tennesseean had anything to do with the Boston Tea Party.)
(of course, my ancestors were in Massachusetts then.)

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