Re: Russ, Ian what's the scoop on Path/UK/DX/errors?

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Russ, Emma and others in the UK...

What a facsinating read!!  Dismal, too.  makes me wonder what's in store
for our clinical labs here in the States with all the bruhaha about HMO's,
patients rights, etc.?  I don't work in a clinical lab, but I have often
wondered if the health care issues that we are confronted with have the
potential to affect lab professionals and their work. I work in a pretty
vet lab situation, mandated by law to exist.  

Connie M

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>> His reports must have been called into question for some reason; I 
>>  have not read why
>Russ, I believe I heard that concerns were raised following the normal 2% 
>audit of previous work. I wonder how many (pressurised) UK labs actually do 
>this? Its an RCPath recommendation I believe.
>On R4's TODAY program this morning I heard a professor of histopathology 
>explaining that pathologists don't give "results" as other path disciplines 
>do, they give a clinical opinion. In the same way that other clinicians can 
>get a clinical opinion wrong, so can pathologists. It was a good explanation 
>for the laity. 
>I'm sure that all of us who work in our underfunded NHS would second your 
>remarks. Loads of Standards - no staff!
>The only reason I'm still here is 'cos I like the pretty colours and the 
>smell of xylene ;>)
>Glyn Woodward
>City Hospital Birmingham
Connie McManus
Veterinary Diagnostics Lab
Utah State University
Logan, UT

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