Re: Re Russ,Ian what's the scoop on Path/UK/DX/errors?

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All this sounds like the road the Cytotechs went down a few years
ago....seen their  workload maximums and salaries lately?

Don Hammer, Retired Guy
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Subject: Re Russ,Ian what's the scoop on Path/UK/DX/errors?

> Hi Sarah ,
>                  Russ And Emma covered most of the points in this case.It
> seems that  there where concerns about this pathologist from about 1995
> onwards where he was a locum at Royal United Bath Hospital .An internal
> audit  was  carried out from 1995 to 1997at which point another consultant
> raised concerns with other hospital trusts and then the GMC where an
> investigation of his locum work in other hospitals was reviewed from march
> 1999.It has taken to this time for the results of the investigation where
> disclosed .Unfortunately the checks on all histopathology was not as
> comprehensive then as it is now.Now a problem with a pathologist would be
> identified as they take part in internal and external audits/Quality
> Assurance schemes and we have to do Accreditation here as well now.
> As Russ said there is a shortage of Pathologists so you get employment of
> retired Pathologists a lot of who may not have kept themselves up to date
> with many of the advances in Histopathology/Cytopathology .It is not only
> shortage of Pathologists that is the problem here as there is a shortage
> histotechs due to the poor pay and working conditions where you are
> to do the work of 2 just to keep up with the work flow.Most biomedical
> Scientists favour clinical chem/haematology due to the high calls which
> get.For my sins I enjoy histopath as we in Northern Ireland tend to do the
> bulk of grossing specimens .We don't get the recognition for it as the
> College of Pathologists and CPA don't accept we can do it.Hopefully things
> will change as some Biomedical Scientists here have been grossing
> before their Pathologist got out of Med School.
> Anyway thats my pennies worth
> Ian Clarke
> Histopathology/Cytopathology Department
> UK

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