Re: Rantes, IL-8, + Eotaxin

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From:Marcia Bentz <>
To:"Vaughan, Mary" <>, 'histonet' <>
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Hi Mary,
I'm assuming your talking about human tissue here, but I use an IL8
antibody (anti-rabbit IL8 x-reacts with human, mouse and rat?) Anyway I use
it on paraffin sections of mouse kidney with beautiful results. Let me know
if you want the name of the Ab or any other info. Anybody know of an
anti-mouse Rantes Ab??


At 11:22 AM 06/05/2000 -0400, Vaughan, Mary wrote:
>	Does anybody have any experience using any of these antibodies on
>Paraffin sections? {human- Rantes, IL-8, + Eotaxin} I'm told [source not
>totally reliable] that IL-8 only works on frozens..... is this the case?
>Best Regards,
>Mary M. Vaughan HT(ASCP)
>Roswell Park Cancer Institute
>Elm and Carlton Sts.  CDC-121
>Buffalo, NY 14263
Marcia Bentz
Lab Specialist Sr
University of Virginia

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