Re: Pronase before HIER

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From:Phyllis Davie <>
To:David Grehan <>,
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  I do a similar thing in reverse.  We sometimes use HIER (usually in a 
steamer), followed by pronase (at room temperature).  We use it for CD15, 
Tdt, muscle actins, neurofilaments, S-100, and several others.  
(Interestingly, not for CD1a; I may have to try that).  We also notice 
significant improvement with this, although not all antibodies like the 
double whammy.    I'll be curious to see what other responses you get.

Phyllis Davie

>I have been using Dako pronase heated for 15 mins at 37C and applied to
>sections for 1 minute before pressuring cooking these sections for 2
>mins at full pressure. I do this for some antibodies I think require
>enhanced antigen retreival e.g CD15, CD1A, Tdt.
>There is a definite improvement in staining.
>Does anyone else do similar. I would be interested in hearing your

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