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Add 36 g glycerol to a beaker
add 14.4 g of Mowiol
stir with a spatula to mix then add 36 ml of ddH20, cover with parafilm and
contiue to stir with a stir bar overnight at room temperature

On the following day, add 72 ml of 0.2 M Tris (0.884 g Tris HCl/100 ml
+1.744 g Tris base/100 m; pH 8.5) and heat to 50C for 10 min with
occasional stirring.  Then add a stir bar and continue stirring until the
Mowiol dissolves

Once dissovled, centrifuge at 5000 x g for 15 min to clarify

Aliquot into airtight tubes and freeze at -20C

Shelf life at room temperature after thawing is several weeks to months.

(This protocol was originally obtained from the Molecular Cytology Core
Facility, University of Missouri, Columbia, Missouri)

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