Re: Moldy Blocks

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To:Patricia Karlisch <PKARLISCH@PSGHS.EDU>
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I believe that a weak solution of chlorox bleach will get rid of the mold.
You could just dump the blocks into it and wash them a little.  If they are
all properly sealed with wax, this shouldn't hurt them at all, since water
won't  penetrate the wax.   Then rinse in clear water and let air dry
before filing them away again.
We used to keep the blocks for years and years also but have them all filed
in the plastic tissue-tek trays filed numerically by years and these were
kept in an air conditioned room off premises.  I am in a research lab and
our tissue is mostly animal tissue. The institdute has run out of storage
space so now we are told to only keep blocks for the last 5 years.  We have
started to give almost all the blocks back to the individual investigators
now and it is their problem as to storing or keeping them.  So the
histology lab will not be responsible fodr what happens to them after that.
Hope this helps.
Karen In Omaha, NE

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