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> Date: 5 Jun 2000 06:38:27 -0500
> Subject: RE:Re: Histotechologist exchange
> The Idea of exchange placements between histology departments
> is a very attractive one.
> There are problems to be overcome, however.
> Those coming into the UK would have to become "State
> Registered"  I doubt very much whether a histotech from another
> country would be able to acquire that without working here first as
> a student or trainiee.  Two reasons :
> 1  You have to have an APPROVED honours degree (in biomedical
> science)
> 2  You will have to have been trained in a CPSM  APPROVED
> laboratory and passed an Oral Examination.
> I believe there are similar requirements in some self-regulating
> States in the US?
> People from the antipodes will probably be aware of the problems
> their back-packing colleagues (in particular) have had trying for
> temporary posts in both histo and cyto.
> I rather suspect that some agencies in the UK are placing un-
> registered staff, however.
> Sorry to pour "cold-water" on the idea - I am very much in favour of
> it myself.
> Russ Allison,
> Dental School
> Cardiff
> Wales

I missed the beginning of this thread (and probbly many more due to not
receiving any e-mails over the week-end).
Russ is correct in his suspicion that non UK state registered staff are
placed by agencies. They are most often from Australia and New Zealand. I am
told by lab managers etc that this is acceptable (don't know the how or
In my experience it is not uncommon for overseas visitiors to come and see
how we work. A few years ago UCH in London did an exchange with a hospital
in Denmark this happned over a few years ( if Jim Hall or any one else at
UCH is listening they may be able to obtain more info about this from Ann
Hannah). The exchangee's  salaries were paid by their home employer.
There did not seem to be any problem about registration at that time.

So maybe this is something we could all try to work out as it is useful to
get on the job ideas from other establishments and countries. I know I would
be delighted to get the opportunity (especially Russ if it had CPD points)
and would be willing to help any wanting to come to London.

John Auld
Royal Free Hospital

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