Re: HIER on Lambda

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From:Marylou Pohl <>
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Our HIER on Kappa and Lambda is to only use deionized water.  700 watt microwave
at power 4 for almost 6 minutes until it starts to boil, hold one minute, power 3
for 4 minutes, countertop 20 minutes.  You ask why it works - sorry, I have to
admit ignorance here, but it does. wrote:

> Please whoever told me to do HIER on a Lambda stain to reduce background
> staining (when i asked about treating with peroxide) can you get back to me
> to explain why exactly that worked??????  I did a retrieval on it and it came
> out beautifully, but our supervisor wants to know why before he allows us to
> start treating patient tissue in this manner.  If anyone can explain the
> concept behind this, please do.  Thanks in advance.
> Jennifer Macias HT
> Forum Health
> Western Reserve Care System
> Youngstown, Ohio

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