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Hey Retired Guy!

I have one in my home.  Everything you rave about is true!

As you know, I've a forensic component to my life.  We had one of these 
installed in the morgue 3 years ago.  You wouldn't believe the difference.

When a body has been sitting in an orchard for a week in hundred degree 
weather, there is no way to completely remove the odor no matter the 
ventilation.  Now, when we get a decomp in the morgue, we turn the air 
purifier on before it arrives, open up the bag in the suite and wait outside 
for about 15 minutes.  We leave it running during the autopsy and subsequent 

Helps the investigation when you don't have the gag reflex making the rounds 
of those assembled.  

For those who work on these cases, you don't 'smell' the autopsy for several 
days after.  

We recommended it to the local funeral parlors.  They all had them installed.

I tried to get Alpine to show their product at some of the conventions but 
they didn't seem interested.  Good luck in your efforts.


Matt Bowers
Lab Manager
Visalia Pathology Medical Group
126 South Floral St.
Visalia, CA  93291

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