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From:Becky Scholes <>,
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Victor - maybe it didn't make a difference because the setting was too low, 
or the unit was too small for the square footage.

Bec the Tec

>From: Victor Tobias <>
>Subject: Re: Fw: Air Purification System
>Date: Mon, 12 Jun 2000 10:17:32 -0700
>I certainly don't want to burst any bubbles here, but here is my 
>observation. I
>was hired as the direct supervisor over the Histology/Grossing area. This 
>is the
>same place where the "Retired Guy" use to work. I questioned the staff 
>these and they felt there was no appreciable difference. So in a blind 
>study, I
>turned them off to see if anyone would notice. Nobody has said a word. I am 
>saying they are worthless, but I wonder about their true effectiveness in 
>Victor Tobias
>Histology Supervisor
>University of Washington Medical Center
>Seattle, WA
> wrote:
> > Hey Retired Guy!
> >
> > I have one in my home.  Everything you rave about is true!
> >
> > As you know, I've a forensic component to my life.  We had one of these
> > installed in the morgue 3 years ago.  You wouldn't believe the 
> >
> > When a body has been sitting in an orchard for a week in hundred degree
> > weather, there is no way to completely remove the odor no matter the
> > ventilation.  Now, when we get a decomp in the morgue, we turn the air
> > purifier on before it arrives, open up the bag in the suite and wait 
> > for about 15 minutes.  We leave it running during the autopsy and 
> > cleanup.
> >
> > Helps the investigation when you don't have the gag reflex making the 
> > of those assembled.
> >
> > For those who work on these cases, you don't 'smell' the autopsy for 
> > days after.
> >
> > We recommended it to the local funeral parlors.  They all had them 
> >
> > I tried to get Alpine to show their product at some of the conventions 
> > they didn't seem interested.  Good luck in your efforts.
> >
> > Matt
> >
> > Matt Bowers
> > Lab Manager
> > Visalia Pathology Medical Group
> > 126 South Floral St.
> > Visalia, CA  93291

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