Re: European histonetters

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From:Jill Stevens-Becker <>,
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We have two of the Sakura coverslippers and really like the work that they 
do.  It is nice to have the regular coverslip instead of the tape and the 
quality is very good.  We have one that has coverslipped over 400,000 slides 
and is still in good shape.


KP, Colorado

>From: Barbara Albert <>
>Subject: European histonetters
>Date: Thu, 08 Jun 2000 15:03:33 -0700
>   We've heard that the new glass coverslipper made by Sakura is in use in
>Europe.  Are any of you using it and what are your thoughts on it?
>Thank you
>Barbara Albert
>University of California
>San Francisco Medical Center

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