Re: Disposal of stain solutions

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From:Connie McManus <>
To:Mike Kirby <>, Histonet <>
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In my lab, I dispose of ALL dyes (H&E included) in a drum that the
hazardous waste people on campus pickup at my request.  What they do with
it after that I don't know, but I do know that the drums I fill with only
Alcohol & Histoclear is sold cheap to some factory (I was told but don't
remember which one) which uses it  for heating fuel, so at least much of my
waste is recylcled.

Also, I keep my wastes labeled and try not to mix alcohol with histoclear
as much as possible.  This is just my own thing, not any regulation of any

Happy trials and keep smilin'

Connie McManus

>Question: Disposal of staining solutions, especially H & E. Does one:-
>1) Discard down the drain, with lots of water?.
>2) Discard down the drain into a sand trap. (What do you do with the sand?)
>3) Collect into drums and have it carted away by a commercial disposal
>4) Recycle?
>5) None of the above.
>Please post your replies on the general Net as there will be many sites in
>South Africa that will be interested in your replies.
>Mike Kirby
>South Africa.

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