Re: CPT code for TOUCH PREPS????

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Hi Jeff,

I apologize in advance for the length.
>  While we are on the topic of CPT coding, I am still looking for a good CPT
>  code for touch preps taken from a fresh specimen in connection with a
>  surgical tissue diagnosis, such as for a lymph node biopsy (usually coded
>  as 88305).

If you receive the touch preps (already prepared) as part of the case and are 
simply screening and interpreting, then 88160 would be the appropriate code.

If you prepare the touch preps as part of an intraoperative consult, then the 
codes would be 88161 for the touch preps and 88329 for the consult.

If you prepare the touch preps as part of your routine lab work up (i.e., 
during gross) then it would be 88161 only.

Upcode (to 88162) if you end up with > 5 slides or special stains in addition 
to your simple differential staining (differential staining is considered a 
part of the code).  Remember to code for your specials if performed.

>  I don't think it should be the same as FNA interpretation (88173).


>  Maybe 88104? 


>  Any suggestions?

Note  -  These coding points also apply to the 'scrape prep' technique.
Hope this helps.

Matt Bowers
Lab Manager
Visalia Pathology Medical Group
Visalia, CA  93291

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