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Hi Tammy,

We use the CD23 from Vector/Novacastra at 1:25. The antigen retrieval 
solution is 10 mM Tris Buffer pH 9.5 and is performed in the BioCare 
DeCloaker pressure cooker. After reaching temperature, the sections undergo 
five minutes of pressure. After the pressure drops to zero, the solution and 
slides are removed and allowed cool for twenty minutes. In my experience, 
CD23 incubated for one hour at room temperature, followed with DAKO's 
Envision+ HRP labeled polymer works the best.
In the past we have incubated the CD23 for three hours (or overnight at 4C), 
followed with Zymed's Histostain Plus link and label with good results.

Just to double check my tired old brain, I'll check my lab notes when I go in 
tomorrow morning. If you want, I'll send you a stained slide for your review.


Jim Burchette
Duke Immunopath

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