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To:Tim Morken <>
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Dear Tim:  Will you be posting this in some form either on the net or at
a website?
Not everyone, unfortunately, is on the NSH list. 
It's a great idea and a good deal of work.  Regards, Tom

Tim Morken wrote:
> Histonetters,
> I'd like to give you an update of the progress of my Best of the Histonet
> project for the NSH national newsletter.
> I have found it very time consuming to check posts for appropriate threads.
> I usually wait several days or even weeks to see the outcome before trying
> to get the replys together. By "appropriate" I mean educational and
> non-controversial. For instance I won't bother with the long discussions on
> lab personnel problems. Discussions about regulatory topics are not good
> either since some posts may not meet regulations and I would be spreading
> mis-information. Also , regulations differ between countries and some may
> not realize that.
> I have been surprized at the number of good topics that are not taken up and
> followed through on. I wonder if people are responding off the net and the
> originator never bothers to let us know the outcome.
> I don't want to publish threads with only one or two reply's so I may miss a
> few good things, but I want variety of answers to problems, not just one
> opinion or method (unless it is really extraordinary). I have thought of
> publishing something on all the out-of-the-ordinary methods that some people
> use just to show the huge variety of work being done by people on the
> Histonet.
> Any ideas?
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