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Hi, you didn't sign your message, so I'm not certain your name is
"Luna"...but assumed so  from your address.

Just a note to let you know that in addition to the materials you have
already, the National Society For Histotechnology has a wealth of study
material, just incase you were not aware.  You can reach the organization at or call Bertie at the Central Office.  (301-262-6221)

You may not know, but Luna is the last name of one of the main founders of
NSH and had so much to do with where Histology is today.  Lee Luna lectured,
gave workshops, wrote books, mentored hundreds of Histotechs, edited
newsletters, such as "Histologic" and was the driving force behind many
things we now enjoy.  I am sorry he passed away several years ago, but if
your name is "Luna" you have a star in heaven watching over your career.
Even if it's not, I'm pretty sure he will still look out for you.......he
sure did me!!!  :)

Best of luck in your exam, if you don't make it the 1st time, just go for it
again.  I didn't make it the 1st time.  I didn't know Lee at the time.  :)
Hell, I didn't even know there were such things as Special Stains when I
took the exam.

Old Histonetters: Forgive the ole guy, I turned 60 last week and was told I
have now reached the age where I can say or do anything I want and people
will just smile and think, Aw, it's OK, he's just an old fart"    Hummmmm,
has age ever held me back??   *Evil Grin*  Man, the name Luna brings back so
many good memories!!  *warm smile*

Don Hammer, Retired Guy
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> Hello Histo friends,
> Does anyone have any papers, lecture materials, or study aids available
> sale or trade. I am planning to take the ASCP HT test in Jan. and I
> have the computer study disk, review books, ect.. I think I have
everything I
> need to take the test, but I am learning Histology strictly on the job and
> I'm always looking for material that will make my learning much more
> My city does not have a school of Histology otherwise I would love to
> Any help would be appreciated, or tips on things I should focus my studies
> on. Thanks much in advance.

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