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     Last fall and this spring the four of us in our lab took the HT and 
     HTL exam, and I am pleased to say that we all passed the written exam 
     on the first try. We are a reseach lab at a biotech firm and all of us 
     were trained on the job. We were generously provided with any required 
     human tissue for the practical from local hospitals.
     We primarily studied Freida Carson's textbook: _Histotechnology A 
     Self-Instructional Text_ (available from the ASCP Press). We would 
     then get together at least once per week and quiz each other out of 
     the _Board of Registry Study Guide_, which has similar questions to 
     the NSH workbooks. 
     Pace yourself with your studying and frequently review those areas 
     where your knowledge and understanding are weakest. This is especially 
     vital if you do not do all of the stains and procedures in your lab. 
     Try to have someone to quiz you on a regular schedule. This not only 
     forces you to study and review, but also provides "peer pressure".  
     The computer practice is great, but seems to be most effective once 
     you have a strong background. 
     For your practical exam, accept only perfect slides and have your 
     supervisor give your slides a strict critique. 
     Best of luck to you and happy studying!
     Rachel Stock HTL(ASCP)
     Organogenesis, Inc.
     150 Dan Road
     Canton, MA 02021
     (781) 575-0775

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