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I'm not clear on what type of information you are looking for.  Being in
technical services, I may have some ideas.  Customer Service standards are
different from job descriptions and competencies.  However, they do correspond.

Rande on 05/30/2000 04:34:48 PM

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Thank you for your detailed response to the CS standards question Jean.
We have been struggling to come up with some ideas for all of the areas in
our lab who do not have the patient as the primary customer.

Everyone in the lab - not just Histo - will appreciate your ideas.

Thanks again -

Candra Garver, MT(ASCP)
Manager, Anatomic Pathology
York Hospital
York, PA

On Tue, 30 May 2000, Fisher, Jean wrote:

> Peggy,
> Our health system has a performance management document for each job code
> which combines the job description and performance review.  The first couple
> of pages of the document list the job requirements for education,
> certification, and experience. It also notes age related training
> requirements and a place to note annual review of some standard system
> policies such as the system confidentiality agreement.  It also lists the
> primary customers for this position. (There might be three to five listed
> here.) For the HT they are the pathologist, the section manager, and the
> gross room tech; however, all patients, visitors, physicians, and  employees
> are considered "customers".
> Then there are 4 sections each of which is based on one of the
> 4 core values of our health system.  The core values are
> Quality/Excellence, Resource Management, Customer Focus, and Teamwork.
> There are 6 sections in each of the core values.
>    The first section is called "shared expectations." It identifies
> expectations which are exactly the same for every employee in the system.
> This includes everyone from CEO to food service and housekeeping employees.
>    The second section is called "position-specific competency
> statements."  This section is specific to the particular job and is the meat
> of the job description.  This part is exactly the same for every employee
> who does this job, i.e., all bench histotechs would have the same
> "position-specific competency statements."
>    The third section is called "Individual commitments to meet
> system/department/unit coals".  At the beginning of the year, the section
> manager sits down with each employee he/she supervises.  The system
> initiatives, department & section plans and needs are considered when
> setting goals.  The employees ideas to contribute and change are also
> included here.
>     The fourth section is where notes for coaching discussions are recorded.
>    The fifth section is where the section manager summarizes the
> individual's achievement toward goals and overall review of performance.
>    The sixth section is a check off series of boxes indicating the
> individual's rating in the core value. (Outstanding, Exceeds Expectations,
> Meets Expectations, or Needs Improvement)
> Here are the "Shared Expectations" for Customer Focus (remember these are
> the same in this core value for everyone in the system)
> These have evolved a bit over the 5 years we have used this system, but are
> essentially the same from year to year. Any changes in these are made at the
> system level with input from employees, managers and human resources folks.
> Treats patients, physicians & coworkers with courtesy and respect.
> Identifies customer expectations and works to meet AND exceed them.
> Puts customers first and is responsive to customer requests.
> Maintains a high degree of ethics, integrity, confidentiality.
> Appreciates, celebrates and values diversity.
> Here are the "Position-Specific Competency Statements" for an HT in Customer
> Focus.  These stay the same from year to year unless the job changes
> dramatically.
> Produces high quality tissue sections and stains within a time frame which
> contributes to effective patient care.
> Responds in an appropriate and professional manner to customer requests and
> inquiries by assuming responsibility for seeing them through to completion.
> Adjusts to changing customer needs by adapting work habits, schedules or
> matters of personal convenience to improve service.
> Here is an example of the Individual Commitments for one HT in my department
> for last year.
> Update, organize and centralize Histology computer procedures.
> Effective participation in training new employee.
> Support integration activities with other system entities.
> Please let me know if this helps.
> As always feel free to call or e-mail me directly for specific questions.
> Jeannie Fisher
> 816-932-2230

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