RE: Wade Fite Modification

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From:"Kellar, Eric" <kellarec@MSX.UPMC.EDU>
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Differentiation must be carefully controlled. A faint residual reddish pink
color in the tissues is especially important, and sections that do not show
this (by over differentiation) may be unreliable for the exclusion of

Drury & Wallington, Carleton's Histological Technique, Fourth Edition,
Oxford University Press, 1967.

Eric C. Kellar

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> Sent: 	Friday, June 16, 2000 9:54 AM
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> Does anyone know how to remove excess background carbol fuchsin stain
> when doing the  Wade Fite modification of the ZN method.  I
> differentiate with 10% sulphuric acid but find it difficult to get a
> relatively clean background. I can see the bugs but the back ground is
> still very pink.

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