RE: Virus: European Histonetters

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From:"Tarpley, John" <>
To:HistoNet Server <>, 'Jacques Paysan' <paysan@Uni-Hohenheim.DE>

I understand your concern, but as I received the E-mail it was not as an
attachment, but rather a forward of a message. I'm told that the HistoNet
server software does not allow for attachments and many times both Herb and
Linda have asked us not to send attachments as this could crash the server
software. Finally, if you'll allow me to be a little picky HistoNet is not a
newsgroup. Newsgroups are usually unmonitored groups that anyone can read
and post to. They are found under your browser's News reader program and are
on UUNET also known as Usenet. They have a different type of address such as
rec.crafts.woodturning (one of my favorites) HistoNet is a listserver.
Listservers are hosted by various individuals and organizations. They are
organized around specific areas of interest and you must be subscribed to
the list to post messages. They may be monitored or unmonitored. I certainly
agree with you that no one should open an attachment that they were not
expecting. Always practice safe surfing.

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> ----------
> From: 	Jacques Paysan[SMTP:paysan@Uni-Hohenheim.DE]
> Sent: 	Tuesday, June 13, 2000 12:49 PM
> To: 	HistoNet Server
> Subject: 	Virus: European Histonetters
> Dear Histonetters
> The mail
> Fwd:  European Histonetters
> has a great potential of being an email virus.  At least it would be a
> "great" idea to distribute viruses via newsgroups.  I strongly encourage
> participants of this newsgroup not to open mails consisting of attachments
> only, and, to clearly indicate in the text what an attachment contains.
> Furthermore, I think mails with attachments should clearly indicate the
> sender's address. could be just anybody in the world.
> If it really was a serious newsgroup contribution I appologize for this
> panic.  I'm not going to open it anyway.
> Best,
> Jacques
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