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Hi All,
Would an exchange of a week or two as an 'Educational Sabbatical' require
liscencing?  Just a thought about a way to get around the bureaucracy that
is always trying to impede progress and education.

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Subject: RE:Re: Histotechologist exchange

The Idea of exchange placements between histology departments 
is a very attractive one.
There are problems to be overcome, however.
Those coming into the UK would have to become "State 
Registered"  I doubt very much whether a histotech from another 
country would be able to acquire that without working here first as 
a student or trainiee.  Two reasons :
1  You have to have an APPROVED honours degree (in biomedical 
2  You will have to have been trained in a CPSM  APPROVED 
laboratory and passed an Oral Examination.

I believe there are similar requirements in some self-regulating 
States in the US?

People from the antipodes will probably be aware of the problems 
their back-packing colleagues (in particular) have had trying for 
temporary posts in both histo and cyto.

I rather suspect that some agencies in the UK are placing un-
registered staff, however.

Sorry to pour "cold-water" on the idea - I am very much in favour of 
it myself.

Russ Allison, 
Dental School

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