RE: Position available in beautiful Duluth Minnesota!!!

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It may not help much but I have been to your area several times in both
winter and summer and I love it.  It is beautiful!  Pam Marcum

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You aren't helping my recruiting campaign!!!!  Some people find the hills,
snow and ice to be charming!!!  Hockey, speedskating, ski jumping and skiing
are very popular here!!!  Not too many places can boast about the quality
and number of x-country ski trails!!!  We even have Spirit Mountain for
downhill skiing right in the city!

Duluth is the destination for many summer vacations.  There are resorts
located within 5 miles of my house.  Located on Lake Superior, and close to
many inland lakes and streams, the fishing is superb!  Summers I will admit
can feel rather short - but they are perfect!!  The sweltering days are
limited - the lake keeps a cool breeze blowing!!

As for your reunion - I have to admit that I am way too young to attend!!!
If you could send me some information for a co-worker, he would like to

Please stop by when you are in town!  I would love to show you our lab!


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	Oh Sheila..........  You didn't mention the hills AND the snow, AND
	ice.  :)  Couldn't wait to get out in 1958, but It is a very pretty
	now....many things to do and I am looking forward to my "Central
	Reunion" in July.   It's actually a reunion of all the 50's and 60's
	to be held July 13th, 14th and 15th.  Is that your school?  Are u
	If I can tear myself away from "Coney Island", "Sammy's" and all the
	places to see again, I may stop in to visit you at your lab.  If I
don't eat
	all the Tobie's donuts I get on the way from Minneapolis, I'll bring
you and
	your staff some.  I ain't cutting any blocks tho,  I don't want to
mess up
	my pink and black outfit, complete with white bucks!  Gotta get one
	wearing out of it .   Was put together for the NSH  50's party here
	Seattle back around '86.  Hey Marilyn Gamble, remember doing the
Disney 50's
	thing in Anaheim?  Damn, my feet are still sore?   *Grin*

	Chubby Checker Lives!   So do I, retire early people!!!!!  LOL

	Don Hammer, Retired Guy
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	Subject: Position available in beautiful Duluth Minnesota!!!

	> SMDC Health System in Duluth MN has a full time position for a HT
or HTL
	> (ASCP) or eligible.  Experience with immuno is preferred, but not
	> Technicians rotate through all areas of our recently remodeled
	> that even has windows!  We are a progressive lab, with many
	> workstations.
	> We offer a unique opportunity to someone who enjoys the great
outdoors and
	> winter sports!  Duluth is 2 #189# hours north of the Minneapolis/St.
Paul area
	> in the "Northwoods", yet supports a symphony, ballet and many
	> Broadway shows, as well as local theater.
	> Visit the SMDC web site at  You will find links to the
	> Resources department.  If you are unable to open the site, call
the Human
	> Resources department at 1-800-662-3455.  The person you need to
talk to is
	> Tracy Carroll.  If you have any questions about the lab, give me a
	> number is listed below.
	> Sheila Tapper
	> Anatomic Pathology Team Leader
	> SMDC Health System
	> Duluth, MN
	> (218) 786-4510

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