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From:Connie McManus <>
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Thanks for the tip.  Come on out any time you like... in summer mt biking
is great.  We even have sailing.  But if you like skiing, I can
understand... we are like-minded!  Powder pigs R us!

Connie M

At 09:59 AM 06/09/2000 -0400, Cynthia Favara wrote:
>  I donate a lot of my unusabe stains to the schools in the area the biology
>teachers just love it. Not good for us but wonderful for teaching.... I
>would like my trip during ski season please!!!!
>Cynthia Favara 
>903 South 4th Street 
>Hamilton, MT 59840 
>PH: 406-363-9317 
>FAX: 406-363-9286 
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