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Nail polish won't stick to wet material and does not tolerate all solvents. Try 
cyanoacrylic (?) Super Glue at the corners of those nails. It sticks to wet 
material and so may work.
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On Saturday, June 10, 2000 12:01 PM, Beckers [] 
> At the NYS Histology Society's annual conference this spring there was one
> presenter who had some good ideas on dealing with nails.  His solution was
> to stain free floating nail sections first then mount them on slides and
> coverslip them.  100% stay on that way.  Don't have the protocol with me
> this evening but I will look it up and send it on when I can.  I recall
> many a D-PAS stain for nails or any other stain for that matter that had to
> be redone 2 or 3 times before even a shred of nail tissue would remain on
> the slide by the end of the stain. If the nail requests were batched 2 or 3
> times per week then it would save time and improve turn-around time-right?
> Might as well take the time to learn to do free floating sections than to
> reorder, recut,and restain several nail cases a day-huh?? There must be a
> simple physical reason nail tissue won't stain adhered to glass.  Anyone
> interested in a good research project!?  Just thinking out loud.  When I
> find the protocol I will post it-meanwhile-how about some hot pink nail
> polish!!!
> Sue Becker, HTL
> Albany, NY 12205

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