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Some years ago when I worked at the University of Georgia we had similar
drawers made for us by a cardboard box company. There was an initial charge
to make the die necessary to cut the box. After that they only charged us
per box. The boxes came flat and prescored to fold together. The company
also supplied divider strips so that the blocks could be placed in rows.
Once the boxes were full they were stored on open shelving on their sides so
they could be easily removed if a block was needed. It's been long enough
ago that I don't remember the name of the box company, but you might be able
to develop a similar system with a company local to your area.

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> Subject: 	Cardboard Paraffin Block Drawers
> Greetings to all,
> We have been using the cardboard paraffin block drawer from
> Shandon/Lipshaw for many years. Is anyone aware of  an alternate source
> for this style of block storage? Any leads would be appreciated.
> Victor Tobias
> Histology Supervisor
> University of Washington Medical Center
> Seattle, WA

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