Moldy Blocks

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From:Patricia Karlisch <PKARLISCH@PSGHS.EDU>

Do any of you have the following problem.  We store our blocks off campus in
an old schoolhouse.  The basement of this building has been deteriorating
over the years and moisture has gotten into the area.  Some of the blocks
stored closest to the floor have been eaten away by mold.  Others have mold
only along the surface of the block and can be cut away to expose tissue.
  What would the best method of cleaning off these blocks?  We are
transferring them to an air controlled room and do not want to bring the
mold with us. Many of the blocks are quite old (over 20-30 years) but our
pathologists do not want them to be thrown out.
  Also, for those of you who also must keep blocks forever, do you have a
method of filing that would save space?  I am considering emptying drawers
into plastic bags (labeled) and storing them in boxes and only keeping the
last 15 years in the file drawers.
Thank you in advance,
Pat Karlisch
Geisinger Medical Center


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