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From:"Klemme, Nancy" <nancy.klemme@sakuraus.com>
To:Histonet@pathology.swmed.edu, skautz@vbe.com
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This message came through from a histologist at Mercy Hospital in Oshkosh,
Wisconsin.   Please read her message and respond directly to Dreana if you have
an interest in the items she lists.       I have been out for a couple of days
and hope that there is still time to respond. 
Best Regards,
Nancy Klemme
Sakura Finetek USA, Inc.

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Subject:    Histonet
Author: "DREANA KAUTZ" <skautz@vbe.com>
Date:       6/13/00 5:09 PM

Date: Tue, Jun 13, 2000 5:09 PM
Subject: Histonet
To: Klemme, Nancy
Nancy, This is Dreana Kautz from Oshkosh.  How are you? I have lost the
address to Histonet.
We are moving to a new hospital at the end of the week and I have some
pieces of equipment that might be of interest to some techs. 
I have an old black microtome, 
a gray microtome, 
an old cryocut (ice cream freezer style)that was my back up until now. It still
works fine. 
And last an old CO2 freezing microtome that I'm not sure how it works. I never
used it. 
All these things are give aways or they are going in the trash. If you could
post this right away and then give me the address again I would appreciate it.
only have a two weeks to get this accomplished. Sorry for the short notice. If
you think these items are worthless just let me know and I'll throw them. I
thought some of these items are collectors pieces.

My home email address is attached (skautz@vbe.com) and my work address is
(dkautz@affinity.org). Maybe you could send to both of them> I know the home

Thanks Dreana
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From: "DREANA KAUTZ" <skautz@vbe.com> at -FABRIK/Internet
Date: 6/13/00 5:09PM -0700
To: Nancy Klemme at VIRTUAL
Subject: Histonet

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