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From:Donna Simmons <dsimmons@usc.edu>
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Dear HistoNetters,

I've not been reading my HistoNet digests for some weeks, but thought 
it worthwhile get back on-line and forward the job announcement 
below.   Cindy, the headhunter who phoned me about it, says the 
salary is pretty much wide-open, depending entirely on background, 
experience, education, etc.  I get the feeling there's a shortage of 
histotechs these days -- seems an energetic, ambitious person could 
pretty well write their own ticket if they can deliver the goods on 
setting up and running a lab.  The company is an established one 
that's recently merged with a new one [forgot the names - sorry].  I 
think they'll be doing some kind of drug discovery, maybe related to 
human genomics and/or cancer theraputics?   Good luck to whomever 
gets the job!   I'd be curious to hear feedback about it.

Now, its off the Histonet, and back to writing my thesis...

Cheers and Hello to those I know!  -Donna

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From: Cgeorgette@aol.com
Subject: Histologist Position

Hello Donna,
It was great to speak with you yesterday.  I appreciate all of the
information that you gave me regarding the histology societies, websites,
etc.  I found the site for the National Society for Histotechnology and the
Histonet.  I could not find any information on the CA Society for

The position in Seattle is for a Histologist to build the histology/pathology
dept.  The hiring manager is looking for someone with 5-8 yrs of experience
and preferably some supervisory experience.  Immunohistochemistry, pathology
and in situ hybridization are desired.  Let me know if you know of anyone who
would be interested.
Feel free to list the postion on the histonet.
It would be better to list the position under our company name rather than
the client's so I can screen the resumes.  Thanks for everything.

Cindy Georgette
(650) 631-1749 phone/fax

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