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From:Don Hammer <donh7@earthlink.net>
To:Histonet <Histonet@Pathology.swmed.edu>
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I am trying to interest a local dealer of a product in Exhibiting at the NSH
Convention.  They are a small dealer and the cost is pretty high to Exhibit
so.  I'm not tied to them financially in anyway. I should be, but I don't
wanna work and my Taxes are soooo much simpler !!!!!!  *Grin*

I'll explain a little about it below and what led me to want them to
exhibit.  It sure would be helpful to hear if your interested in such a

The machine is an "Air Purification System" made by Alpine Industries. It
uses Radio Frequency and Needlepoint Ionization to reduce/remove particulate
matter and low-level Ozone to reduce/remove odors.  It changes the chemistry
of chemicals, rather than mask the odors. The word  "Ozone" gets alot of
people excited.  The low level used is about the same found in fresh air
outdoors. It mimicks natures use of sunlight, wind, ocean action, rain,
gravity and lightning effects on freshening or purifying outdoor air.

The unit weighs about 17lbs. so it's easy to move from place to place.  It
needs to be positioned about 5' or 6'  from the floor. On top of an existing
cabinet works well.  The cost is a little more then $600.00.  There are
smaller and larger ones available as well. Large units are used in
Lounges/Restaurants, Hair Salons, Fabric Stores, etc. I became interested in
this machine at a Homeshow Exhibit 2 years ago and still being a smoker,
purchased one of the units as well as a smaller one.  The smaller one is in
the Rec. Room, in which several parties have been held, some of which could
rival the ones at the NHS Convention.  :)  It is placed above the bar where
people have smoked and just past the end of the bar, others were not
bothered by the smoke.  The larger one is upstairs and takes care of the
smoke, cooking and other odors and reduced the usual mold found in bathroom
showers.  Normal house dust, and living on a street with alot of traffic to
stir it up, has been reduced to fine powder. Altho the company makes no
medical claims, I have had only one cold since installing it and that was
only a few days duration.  I gave one to my Son who has asthma and his
condition has improved quite alot. They require about 10 minutes per month
to clean.

After experiencing the above, while I was still working, I thought they
might reduce the odors in the lab.  No matter how good the air-flow, odors
still remained and someone was always forgetting to make Acetic Acid or
other reagents in the hood or leaving the door to the Coverslipper open.
:(  After contacting our Environmental Health and Safety Department and
receiving their blessing, I put one in the Gross Room, one in the Histology
Lab and a smaller one in the Transcription area.  The Transcription area is
overcrowded and the staff were always getting colds or nasal situations of
some kind.

People made comments on the lack of Formalin smells in the Grossing Room.
Chemical smells in the lab were reduced.  Altho some staff, being used to
the residual odors didn't notice a difference, visitors did and I heard less
about Migraine Headaches.  The Transcription staff mentioned a fresher room
and less colds/sinus problems.  Prior to typing this, I checked with the
Transcription Supervisor to see how things were now, here's the response:
"It seems to be working just fine and the transcription area has a clean
smell to it.  I can really tell the difference in the gross room and in the
lab area.  The gross room doesn't smell like formalin all the time like it
did before the purifier."

So, I am thinking, perhaps this product could be used in many labs having
residual odors.  As I said earlier, I have no financial interest in the
company.....but feel strongly that the Labs should be made aware of this
product that could possible help.

Please let me know if you feel you would be interested in seeing a demo at
the NSH Convention.  If they Exhibit, I plan to help them out in their booth
(donated time) after 10am, cause I can't make it earlier after those Vendor
parties anymore!  *grin*  It will be a great chance to say Hi to everybody
and donating my time won't complicate my Taxes!

Don Hammer, Retired Guy

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