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From:Janice Mahoney <jmahoney@alegent.org>
To:donh7@earthlink.net, histonet@pathology.swmed.edu
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Hi Don,
We tried a small air deodorizer like the one you mentioned in the cyto lab where I used to work.  The staff loved it, less headaches, no fumes.  One of the Pathologists got wind of it and made us return it because he said we were trading one negative for another.  He had a problem with the ozone and believed it caused health problems(I don't remember what type of health problems, maybe it had to do with memory).  The pathologist had a reference about the hazard, sorry I don't have any record of what it was or where it was from..  I believe at the time we tried it the company didn't have much medical evidence as to the safety of the product.  As long as there is documentation of the safety I'd try it again.  It worked as far as cleaning the air and removing fumes.
See you at the booth AND at the parties.
Jan Mahoney

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