Evan's Blue & GFP Autofluorescence

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From:Pravin Patil <pravinpatil@yahoo.com>
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Hey all..

I recently used a 0.1% NaBH4 + 0.1% Evan's Blue in 1X
PBS solution to stain frozen sections of myocardium
and it did an incredible job of eliminating ALL of the
accessory autofluorescence and leaving the GFP signal.
Judging by all of the messages about GFP
autofluorescence in the past year, I figured that
people would be interested.. 

However, I was wondering if someone could recommend a
method for me to coverslip them.  I tried a hydrated
mount like vectashield, but that washed out the blue
stain.  Any Ideas?  I would rather not use any alcohol
processing, as it may destroy the GFP signal..



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