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From:Joachim Siegmund <>
To:Histonet <>, Barbara Albert <>
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Hi Barbara,
I worked in a histology lab in Hamburg and we got this machine before
I left there. It is distributed by MEDITE ( in Germany I
Look at their website, it is also in english available.
I really like this machine. It workes very precise and is reliable.
You should watch this mechanism with your hands.
No problems with air bubbles and you can use standard glassware.

Joachim Siegmund /BTA

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Von: Barbara Albert []
Gesendet: Thursday, June 08, 2000 6:04 PM
Betreff: European histonetters

  We've heard that the new glass coverslipper made by Sakura is in use in
Europe.  Are any of you using it and what are your thoughts on it?

Thank you
Barbara Albert
University of California
San Francisco Medical Center

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