thanks so much

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From:"anita dudley" <>
Date:Tue, 20 Jul 1999 19:02:22 PDT
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thanks to everyone for the info on the old ao parts. my friend has some good 
also i wrote to ask about sentinal nodes but i don't think it made it cause 
it came back.  anyway i was happy to see the protocols, we cut 8 slides on a 
breast node, 3 h&e , 3 cks, and 2 holds.  the melanoma we cut 5 h&es and 2 
random s100,  we do not do hmb45.  does anyone know if there is a standard 
protocol out there somewhere?
thanks in advance, and thanks again to all for the microscope info.
everyone have a nice day
anita dudley, providence hosp.  mobile ala.

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