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From:Debbie Pepperall <>
Date:Thu, 29 Jul 1999 16:22:58 +1000
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Hi Histonetters

Firstly, just a short story about an incident regarding siver nitrate and
ways to remove it!!! A student tehnologist made up a silver nitrate
solution and very nicely left it on the window sill and went home. She came
in the following morning and just as she touched it, BOOM!!! the flask
exploded. She was not informed of the hazards of oxidation by sunlight
yet!!! Well, she (who was a very fair haired lass) as well as the entire
little specials room was covered in black stain. She was taken to the
outpatients department and given an "acid Scrubb" - ouch!! She left after a
few months to take up modelling instead. I guess rather paint it on than
have it exploding on your face.
Now for my question . Has anyone done in-situ-PCR using the OMNISLIDE
"HYBAID" system ? Any related articles would help as well. 
Thanx in advance.

Zenobia Haffajee - Anatomical Pathology,
HAPS - Newcastle , NSW, Australia 

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