Re: slide questions

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From:Mary Stevens <>,
Date:Mon, 19 Jul 1999 07:48:10 -0400

Hi Karen,

We routinely use the gelating chrom alum slides for undecalcified bone, embedded in MMA - only.


>>> "Karen D. Larison" <> - 7/16/1999 6:00 PM >>>
Hello Histonetters,

Does anyone still use gelatin-chrom alum slides?  If so, for what purpose?  I'm 
wondering if I can abandon this subbing method, and use "plus" slides for all 
applications, or if there is still some utility in this subbing method?

Also, we use Vectabond-coated slides for our in situs.  Would Plus slides do just 
as well for this application, or does Vectabond have stronger adherence properties?  
In our case, we are often doing in situs on very small tissue - transverse sections 
of fish embryos or whole insect ganglion, etc, so edge effects are amplified.

Thank you for all your kind advice.

Karen Larison in Oregon



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