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From:Jamie Erickson <>,
Date:Tue, 20 Jul 1999 10:12:14 -0400

Hi Ann,
        we use Pathology Associates International for all of our contract work and are happy with most of the work (H+E's) they are also very accommodating to special  project needs. Here is there Address:

Dr. Fred Argilin
Pathology Associates International 
15 Worman's Mill Court, Suite 1
Frederick, MD 21701
Tel: 301-624-2015
FAX: 301-663-8994

>>> Anne C Lewin <> 07/20 8:59 AM >>>
I work in an Oncology research lab, and we are now upscaling our
in vivo work.  I am the only histotech in the entire department,
and find myself way over-worked with samples.  I would love to
have someone else at least do the processing and sectioning of
the various tissues, with myself doing the staining and
analyzing.  Could anyone recommend a good pathology contract
lab?  It really doesn't matter what part of the country they are
in (since the invention of FedEx).  I'd really appreciate any

Anne Lewin
Dept Oncology-Drug Discovery
Bristol-Myers Squibb
Princeton, NJ 08648
(609) 252-5941 


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